The Modern Psalmist Book

The Modern Psalmist: 30 days of Spontaneous Praise

I’m so excited to announce the release my new book, The Modern Psalmist: 30 days of Spontaneous Praise. The book is entirely focused on demystifying spontaneous prophetic worship. It will include:

    • Practical down to earth information on the most popular questions concerning spontaneous prophetic worship including:
      • What is it?
      • Who can do it?
      • Why should I do it?
      • And How do I do it?
    • A 30 day workbook including bible passages, daily prompts, and other tools as a spring board for diving into spontaneous prophetic worship
    • Dozens of audio tracks of examples and supplements for helping you to grow in expressing the impressions you receive

This is the culmination of nearly two decades of flowing in prophetic and spontaneous worship in various settings. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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